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Anonymous asked:

so i wwas wwondering if you wwanna catch a movvie tonight yknoww alone

Amporaa, what in your water filled mind would cause you to think that I’d want too?!

Some trollss. 

keybladekind-deactivated2013012 asked:

What would you do if every monster, murder, or anything that would scare the shit outta you, came to your hive and wanted to have a tea party with llama meat as the main dish. Don't forget that everyone wears a pink fluffy dress.

Uhh„ welll. I’m not exactly sure how to respond to thiss. And since when did I have a pink fluffy dresss?
Dear jegus.
I guess I’d just sit there and have some teaa, if that’s all they wanted to do that iss. 

((sorry, at the moment I’ll have to do written responses till’ I finish up commissions, my apologies vov )) 




I haven’t laughed this hard in a week


Oh my fucking air

Oh goshh, this is so funnyy [[‘x

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Anonymous asked:

I need some advice. What to do if I have two fuckin black snakes growing from my back, and goddamn voice in my head that tells me to eat troll's hearts. The question, what to do if that thing is my lusus?

I would suggest taking a 2 pills of sanity per hourr, and that should solve your problemss c:
I doubt it’s your lususs, because if they were to do that, how could you even trust themm, aren’t they suppose to be good and caringg?

~ Kamila 

C’mon guys

Ask me stufff, anything reallyy.
I’m sitting here waiting, and waiting, but none are to be comingg.
Okay, maybe not like that, because I have a lifee, instead of sitting at a computer screen for the whole dayy, hahaa



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